Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Eclectic Rhapsody I Completed with The Seven Ages of Man

The seven rhapsodes of Rhapsodize finished the year 2012 with a group performance of William Shakespeare's speech, The Seven Ages of Man added to our maiden project, Eclectic Rhapsody I. The bard placed these words in the mouth of the melancholy Jaques in his comedy, As You Like It. Each of our rhapsodes - Caprisha Page, Carol Box, Jannie Meisberger, Winston Tharp, Martin Geeson, Denis Daly and Bob Gonzalez performs a phrase from the introduction and one of the ages of man.

The Seven Ages of Man

Eclectic Rhapsody I  (Internet Archive page) - featuring twelve rhapsodies from our troupe of seven rhapsodes.

Eclectic Rhapsody I (Rhapsodize Audio Catalog page)

Happy New Year to all and be sure to look for new rhapsodies in 2013!!