Monday, April 1, 2013

Poem-a-Day for U.S. Poetry Month - April 2013 Rhapsodize Project underway

The rhapsodes of Rhapsodize begin their Poem-a-Day for U.S. Poetry Month project with classic poems by these six poets: A.E. Housman, Emerson Hough, Agatha Christie, Anonymous, Lord Byron, and William Morris performed by Bob Gonzalez, Denis Daly, Winston Tharp, Jannie Meisberger, Caprisha Page, and Carol Box.

Introduction to the Project and Poem: When I Was One and Twenty by A.E. Housman, performed by Bob Gonzalez
A Song for a Man by Emerson Hough, performed byDenis Daly
Dark Sheila by Agatha Christie, performed by Winston Tharp
My Comforter by Anonymous, performed by Jannie Meisberger
Wordsworth by Lord Byron, performed by Caprisha Page
Love is Enough by William Morris, performed by Carol Box

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