Friday, May 17, 2013

New Release from Rhapsodize Audio!

A Shakespeare Gallimaufry

A hodgepodge rhapsody of speeches, sonnets, and scenes from the works of the Bard of Stratford-upon-Avon performed by the rhapsodes of Rhapsodize Audio.
 May 17, 2013
1. A Rhapsody of Words - performed by Denis Daly, Caprisha Page, Jannie Meisberger, and Bob Gonzalez
2. How Sweet the Moonlight - Lorenzo from The Merchant of Venice - performed by Winston Tharp
3. Hamlet's Speech to the Players - performed by Bob Gonzalez
4. Sonnet 130 - performed by Alan Weyman
5. Apemantus from Timon of Athens – performed by Martin Geeson
6. Sonnet 34 – performed by Carol Box
7. Selected Speeches from Julius Caesar - performed by Bob Gonzalez
8. Sonnet 18 – performed by Rhonda Federman
9. Lear Against the Storm – performed by Jason Mills
10. Nine Sonnets – performed by Denis Daly
11. Selections from Henry IV & V - performed by Bob Gonzalez
12. Kings and Cares – A Selection - performed by Alan Weyman
13. Ramblings of Lady Macbeth – performed by Bev Stevens
14. A Midsummer Night’s Dream Monologues – performed by Denis Daly
15. Cymbeline Act 1 scene 6 – performed by Carol Box and David Richardson
16. Prospero’s Elegy from The Tempest – performed by Alan Weyman
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