Saturday, May 28, 2016

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

To all my loyal readers and listeners over this more than one year past:

I have been steadily blog-casting a classic poem each day since April 24, 2015. Due to a heavy burden of recording, writing, and performing commitments, I'll be pulling back now, blog-casting here from Eclectic Rhapsodics less frequently and not always a recorded poem, but sometimes hopefully interesting tidbits about rhapsodizing, about poetics (the workings of poetry), about voice, and about the Rhapsode Renaissance I would like to see become a reality. Sometimes I'll speak, sometimes I'll perform, sometimes I'll write. I will still be offering what I believe is content worthy of the attention of lovers of classic poetry, dramatically performed. Just not every single day.

I have started two new podcasts available free through iTunes:

The Vintage Verse Voice is currently sending out daily poems poems from my personal archive, most of which have been blog-cast from here last year and before.

Rhapsodize Audio is currently sending out daily poems from the Rhapsodize catalog of rhapsodies, a diverse collection of classic poems recorded by various members of Rhapsodize from around the world.

Podcasting through iTunes is a way to reach a different audience, ones who may not subscribe to weblogs like this one. It's also possibly a more convenient way for some of you to receive your regular doses of classic poetry, dramatically performed.

Please consider subscribing to these podcasts. They also may not continue on a daily basis, but possibly thrice weekly, or even weekly. Their content will include mini-essays on poets, poetry, poetics, rhapsodics (the art of the rhapsode), updates on the growth of the Rhapsode Renaissance, and all things related to rhapsodizing.

And please stay subscribed and on the lookout for email notices of new postings here on Eclectic Rhapsodics. I'll still be offering them, just not always every day.

Once again, thank you for your attention to my offerings in the past and I hope to keep you entertained, informed, and enriched for years to come. 


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