Tuesday, May 24, 2016

May Song

Listen to:

May Song (1:18)

by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

translated by A. S. Kline* 

performed by Bob Gonzalez, rhapsode

How sweetly Nature
Brightens round me!
How the sun’s shining!
How the fields gleam!

Blossoms are bursting
From every leaf,
Thousands of voices
From bushes beneath,

And joy and bliss
From every eye.
O Earth, O Sun!
O Joy, O Delight.

O Love, O Love!
So golden fair,
Like morning clouds
On the hillside there!

Your splendour blesses
The fields so fresh,
The whole wide world
In a blossoming mist.

O Darling, Darling,
How I love you!
How your eyes shine!
How you love too!

So the lark loves
Singing on high,
And flowers at dawn
The scented sky,

As I love you
With veins on fire,
You who give me
Youth, Joy, Desire

For new dances
New poetry.
Be happy forever,
As you love me!

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